CockRings or rings for the penis created for your size and personalized.

The idea arose since in my case I have a testicle in a lift, so during sexual relations I often had discomfort. My partner and I started using a simple ring but since it was completely round, it did not adapt to the shape of my body and it dug in creating discomfort.

After searching a lot on the internet I did not find any child with an ergonomic design that I could wear all day. And the few rings that I found with a non-circular shape were metallic and that generated reluctance and doubts about the risk of being trapped.

To give my girl a surprise, I designed this product and named it after her, so she would see that my penis belongs to her.
He liked the surprise so much and it was so comfortable that he decided that it was a product that more people had to enjoy. This is how Anaconda Rings was born

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